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    Default Powerpoint cross fade

    I am totally new to talkgraphics and so do not know if I am in the right place or doing the right thing - no doubt someone will soon put me right if I am wrong!

    I am just learning to cope with Powerpoint. When it comes to transitions there is an effect I'd like to use that seems not to be available. I want to cross fade between slides, one fading in as the other fades out. This a technique I've used a lot with trannies and slide projectors and I'd like to replicate it in PowerPoint.

    Does anyone know if it is possible and how to do it?

    John Battison

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    Default Re: Powerpoint cross fade

    Hello John,

    Welcome to Talkgraphics.

    I don't use PowerPoint myself so I cannot help.

    It may be helpful if you mention which version of the program you are using so that someone can give specific information.
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    Default Re: Powerpoint cross fade

    From the menu under "Slide Show", select "Slide Transition" and from your choices there's a wipe left or wipe right options. Below that set it to the speed you want: Slow, Medium, or Fast. It defaults to Fast. You can also select a sound for the transition if you wish.

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