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    Default Congrats! Compilation on Slackware Linux


    Congrats on getting Xara Xtreme LX ready and released as an open source project! Some time ago I expressed interest in helping with development, so as soon as I saw the source was available (couple of days ago) I got it and started compiling. I'm running Slackware Linux 10.2 and I've run into a couple of things.

    I have written several wxWidgets programs, so I keep several static versions of the library around. wxWidgets-2.6.3-rc2 compiled no problem for me. I made a build_static_unicode directory in the base source directory and configured it with
    ../configure --disable-shared --enable-unicode
    then did make.

    Then I uncompressed Xara, made a build directory in the base source directory and configured with
    ../configure --enable-static-exec --with-wx-config=../../wxWidgets-2.6.3/build_static_unicode/wx-config
    I didn't expect to have to specify --enable-static-exec, but that made compilation happy. On to linking!

    This is where I'm stuck. It appears that the XaraLX_LDFLAGS in the Makefile are generated incorrectly. It was looking for them in /usr/local/lib instead of using `wx-config --libs` to point to the ones in my non-installed static build. I edited the Makefile and the build got a little further. Now I am getting that the compiler is unable to find -lCDraw and -lfontconfig, which weren't checked for by configure. Fontconfig I am vaguely familiar with, and I think I can get it installed, but it should still be checked for. I searched high and low for what -lCDraw is, but didn't have any luck.

    Am I missing something pretty basic from my Linux installation?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Brent W. (fprimex)

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    Default Fixed! sort of...

    Okay, I poked around some more and see that CDraw is in
    and also that I have fontconfig (comes with X11R6) in
    so I hacked on the Makefile some more.

    I removed -lCDraw and -lfontconfig, and added the full path to both of those libraries to the XaraLX_LDFLAGS. I now have a compiled and working Xara LX!


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    Default Re: Congrats! Compilation on Slackware Linux

    Thanks for your feedback.

    It's best if you could join the mail list that we've setup for the Xara LX dev community for issues like this. None of the active LX developers are likely to see your post on this forum as it's mainly for user issues.

    Please can you subscribe to the dev@xaraxtreme.org mail list (you have to subscribe before you can post) and then copy your link problems above to that list? You should get a response fairly quickly. See www.xaraxtreme.org/community/






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